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this is very delayed because of work & sky sports changing the schedule yesterday i checked friday, qatar highlights 6.45pm switched on at work it moved to 6pm & Q1 had already happened :facepalm:

i quite enjoyed the losail circuit it really reminds me of montreal fast & flowing but technical. also the 2nd set of kerbs will punish you if you take too many liberties. like brazil i think that people will only appriecate what we are watching with lewis hamilton until he retires. with some of his great qualifying laps & drives. outstanding from gasly 4th on the track was very impressive of course he did because i backed him in brazil rubbish & dont back him in qatar on the front row :rolleyes:

im not surprised at all the penalties it looked a slam dunk & they are very hard on these, at least on this unlike wheel to wheel racing they are consistent, but surprised it went on this long because i thought there was a new rule in mexico where if double yellow flags are shown while your in that sector or lap are deleted like track limits but i can see horner annoyance if all the FIA electrical bits like map, wheel & GPS bit said green flag & a marshal used his initiative right or wrongly put double yellow flags out. but common sense says if you see a stationary car on the pit straight which he will have seen, you slow down because that happens in the race. its a VSC or SC

It's a win win for Sky.

Nice tempter for next season's customers, a wedge of cash from C4 to show the race and broader sponsorship appeal.
But depending on the viewing figurers and the C4 income from advertising, someone may look at PFV in F1 and decide it may not be even equal to sliced bread.


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I'll watch it - but with the 5Live commentary.

Won’t that be out of sync with the pictures?

If you record the TV and play it back with a slight delay while it is still recording, you can get them in sync. Something like about 30 seconds if I recall correctly from last time.
i did this through Alexa for FP1 in saudi. worked great

if you get both on early enough. pause the tv when theyve just started the formation lap. then play when the radio say theyve set off you should just about be there
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i think its fantastic news that title decider will be free to air in both the Rivals home country. i can only talk about UK, as i dont know the culture of other countries but this is the biggest race for either country in over a decade. in a Dutch case in general sport. but Sporting events of this importance cannot be hidden way. because its critical to culture of this country & sport has a way of bringing the country together like very little else. thinking of the Olympics, Cricket World cup final & Emma Raducanu US Open Final

if it was me, said for years just the races (not practice or qualifying) should be live free to air. because in this media ages as the champions league is proving now & thats the worlds biggest club competition & national game. it really is that saying "if a tree falls in the woods & nobody is there. did it make a sound"


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But depending on the viewing figurers and the C4 income from advertising, someone may look at PFV in F1 and decide it may not be even equal to sliced bread.
No chance.

The global income Liberty get for PPV will vastly outstrip the income they got from the Free to air market.


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If channel 4 took Paul Di Resta for the weekend it would be a great.
paul di resta had passed me by, id heard all these allegations & i was oblivious. but it wasnt until after the saudi race that i noticed. it was like he had been brainwashed by christian horner. i was waiting for him to blame Prost in 1990 saying that senna had every right to the inside line Prost shouldve yeiled as he was on the outside
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