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There seems to be so many Strategy Group meetings, and yet very little changes. Guess what! There is another meeting in Paris today.

Up for discussion are;
- The 2017 Aero package. Red Bull pushing for the re-introduction of 'ground effect'. I think that's the first time I have agreed with them on anything. Also the 2017 aero changes to wings etc. PLEASE get this right.
- And cheap engines. Though I would be stunned if this happens.

Also being discussed
- Marusia name change. Yawn.
- A car for Pirelli to test with. Cue violin playing.

F1 news: Details of Tuesday's F1 Strategy Group agenda revealed
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Hadn't even heard of this one. Normally it's all sabre rattling with no real outcome, but with little media buildup maybe someone will sneak through a big change.
There's not much new on the agenda for this meeting. Hopefully a means for Pirelli to conduct tyre testing can be resolved, however.
IMO they HAVE to get it right this time or F1 may be doomed.

The lack of competition has become so dire the last few years, especially last year and this, that, for the first time since we began attending F1 races in 1962, we have no plans on going to any F1 events next season. All that has been proven by last year and this has been which of each pair of drivers is the better. Their positions relative to the drivers on the other teams is unresolved due to the disparity in car performance. I believe that you could put, say, Crashtor and Massa into the Mercs and they would be 1-2 in the championship.

For us it has become so bad that the races at the two Goodwood festivals seem riveting in comparison!
Yeah this pretty important for f1, because as we've all mentioned following each other is pretty high on the list. Like gp2 now whether thats ask pirelli to make a harder compound so that we stop constantly hearing engineers saying just hang back otherwise you'll ruin the tyres ie china mexico braxil of top of my head or get rid of these fancy Gillette wings as ted kravitz puts it. Because we dont want to see cars 2 secs apart. We want to see cars all over peoples gearboxes. That amazing pass 130r Alonso v Schumacher 05 would never happened in this era

Or as I agree with red bull (now thats sound weird to say agreeing with horner haha) & Martin brundle have said before bring in ground effect so that drivers have a much reduced effect in the turblunant air of each other might even be able to get rid of DRS. But then all of that is pointless, if sport is still at this unrealistic financial level we have for privateers
While I find the idea of a return to ground effect interesting, we saw just how much down force could be generated 30 odd years ago just by blokes with pencils, drawing boards and slide rules, imagine how much more they will harness using the gazzilion bytes of computing power they have now? Suffice to say it will be so tightly regulated as to make it the usual mix of massively expensive and relatively little improvement on what went before.
Disappointingly quiet on aero.

The FIA's statement in full:

The Formula One Strategy Group and the F1 Commission yesterday held separate constructive meetings at the FIA's headquarters in Paris.

The parties involved have agreed on a course to address several key areas relating to Power Unit supply in Formula One. These areas are:

- Guarantee of the supply of Power Units to teams

- The need to lower the cost of Power Units to customer teams

- Simplification of the technical specification of the Power Units

- Improved noise

The manufacturers, in conjunction with the FIA, will present a proposal by 15 January, 2016 that will seek to provide solutions to the above concerns.

The proposal will include the establishment of a minimum number of teams that a manufacturer must supply, ensuring that all teams will have access to a Power Unit.

Measures will also be put forward to reduce the cost of the supply of hybrid Power Units for customer teams, as well as improving their noise.

All stakeholders agreed that the developments will aim for the 2017 season at the earliest, and 2018 at the latest.

The first meeting between the FIA and the Power Unit manufacturers on this topic will be held this week at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Yesterday's meetings acknowledged the four credible Expressions of Interest made for the manufacture and supply of a less expensive alternative customer engine.

The F1 Commission agreed not to pursue this option at this stage – however, it will be reassessed after the Power Unit manufacturers have presented their proposal to the Strategy Group.
There wouldn't be much to listen to in this case as Hamilton merely talks of long-needed changes without actually stating what they should be or how to achieve them...
Since he states that it is impossible to get close when behind even the SG should have the intelligence to realise that it is because of aerodynamics. They may not want to to do anything about it though.
Well of course they realise it but what can be done about it, short of binning current cars altogether and taking the mid-eighties cars out of their museum retirements?

Unfortunately it's an unvoidable consequence of F1 technology and F1 chassis becoming ever more finely attuned aerodynamically. Over the past 30 years or so they have tried narrower tyres, softer tyres, harder tyres, DRS, radically different rear and front wing sizes, ride height regulations... nothing was ever really successful at favouring consistent on-track battles without the hindrance of excessive dirty air perturbations.

And the Strategy Group has too much in the way of vested interestest about it anyway, all the representative want regulations that will best suit the characteristics of the cars they are affiliated to.
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