F1 & National Anthems

MCLS - I started watching F1 in 1998 and international football at around the same time. It is needless to say I can hum the German national anthem off by heart. Also, the Italian one... ;)

I watched a football match between Germany and Italy where they played the Italian anthem first. I was confused, that's the wrong order, my mind said.

Sorry, off topic.
MCLS - Just one more reason for Red Bull to stop. National anthem wise we should probably support Massa.

From the Confeds football tournament if you missed it - listen to the end when FIFA insist it's too long!

When Alan Jones won the 1977 Austrian GP they did not have the Australian anthem available to play for him. He says that someone trumpeted "Happy Birthday" for him however. For the record though, it was nowhere near his Birthday either.
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