F1 Grid Girls

Split it 50/50 men and women, and dress them like air hosts/hostesses and not backstreet tarts, end of story, let's get on with racing.
I’ve never been sure what the purpose of grid girls is. Most fans at an F1 race want to drool over the cars.
If keeping the grid girls is purely to find Jos Verstappen another wife I would suggest it is a very good reason to get rid of them. Due to the nature of the allegations regarding the way Jos physically treats the women in his life it would probably be a humanitarian move.

You never see Max's mum at races and talked about do you? Being as she was a very talented Kart champion you'd think she'd be referenced more. I wonder what keeps her away from the track.
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The grid girls have been an anachronism for years and the sooner they go the better. How about letting some of the fans stand on the grid and hold the number up for the drivers? Put your name in to a ballot before each race, give the winners a nice jacket and a baseball cap and they get to be part of the event.
I’m in favour of keeping the tradition going. Aren’t the grid girls considered to be fans too, why else would they apply to be part of the event?
I am certain that they are all avid followers of F1 and only do it for the sake of the sport. Alternatively it pays well and puts them on the public eye.
Grid girls are history. PC at its finest: „It stands at odds with todays societal norms“.

I always went by the idea that women are free to decide what they want to become and want to do. Many women apply for the job as a grid girl, so certainly there women willing to do it out of their own volition.

Utter madness. And more of a case of men prescribing what women should and shouldn’t do.
That's done it Rutherford you're going to have to do a half hearted apology, delete your social media and then buy me a princess dress.

I like Belle's dress from Beauty and the Beast if you are stuck for choice. I reckon Seb would like it too (I'll still wear the thong underneath)
They are there for Sponsorship and to look pretty.

I love the idea of giving it to a fan but my face and stumpy height isnt going to sell Martini.
If it's a 'girls' problem get male models involved.

Personally, I as a female, have no objection to someone consenting to and being paid to be a grid girl. PC gone mad. As long as nobody IS touching them up what's the problem? All that's happened is some people have lost income because of do-gooders.
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