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I agree Ferrari went straight to V12 from turbos. Honda were not taking that risk and you have to say the V12 Honda probably was not as good as their V10 Honda.
I do remember reading there was concern that whilst Honda concentrated on the turbos for 1988 with one eye on V10 in 1989 they were worried that Ford were starting early and would go V12 and were glad they were going with V8

Benetton/Ford did say later if they were to upgrade from V8 they would not go to V10 but to V12 in the early 90s. That was before they decided on the Ford Zetec R V8 engine whilst fuel efficient for the refuelling era it was probably flattered by Schumacher 's ability

Off course when it was all V10s from.1996 it took Ford a while to produce a seriously powerful engine

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cider_and_toast - the 12 cylinder engines I remember from post turbo era were:

Ferrari (1989->)
Honda (1991->) (in 1991, McLaren ran the V12 Honda, and Tyrrell ran the previous season's V10)
Lamborghini (1989 ->)
Life (W12, 1990->)
Subaru (Flat 12, 1990)
Yamaha (V12, 1991 ->)


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Ah yeah, completely forgot about the Subaru V12. One of the worst engines in F1 history in one of the worst chassis in F1 history.
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