F1, emissions, and climate change/global warming

Have it so that the cars do so much damage to a cities eco-climate that when we come back around the next season, all it does is rain. :D

This is slightly off-topic but seems appropiate. If Bernie wants to create rain why not create a track around a rocket engine test site? Here's a clip from one of JC's crazy adventures showing how a space shuttle main engine test will actually create rain! Goto 1:56 for the footage.

I find that a bizarrely incredible human achievement. As Jezza said, "Nasa are playing god". Nobody show the video to Bernie though.
There's something about this comment that ever so slightly disturbs me, but I can't quite work it out...

I do feel F1 is, in a bizarre lateral way, the thinking man's polluter. Like wind tunnel's it generates a scary amount of carbon emissions, but for the billion plus cars on the road if it just added .025% to their economy it would be more useful than a rain forest...

I'm not sure how you could ever prove or disprove the ultimate impact of motor sport, but I'd put money on it causing less net pollution than horse racing
I don't think anyone really understands global warming Geoff. From what i've heard, sheep are more to blame than Humans.
Global warming is simple to understand if it is explained simply. The easiest way to comprehend it is to pick a nice sunny day and stand in a greenhouse that has not yet had the glass installed. Notice that it feels no different to standing outside the greenhouse. Now install the glass, wait a little while and then go and stand inside it again. Notice how it is hotter inside the greenhouse than it is outside. That is down to the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is one of the dynamic systems that makes this planet habitable because if it did not exist all of the heat received from the Sun would radiate back out into space. Planet Earth would not be able to support life as we know it. Fortunately for us, our atmosphere contains various gases that create a bubble around the Earth analogous to the glass on a greenhouse. These gases allow radiation from the Sun to pass through but heat radiation reflected from the Earths surface, being at different wavelengths from the original source radiation (i.e. from the Sun) is not all allowed back out into space. That way the planet is kept nice and warm for all the plants, fish, animals, and us, etc.

Global Warming is a consequence of the effect that some of these gases, particularly Carbon Dioxide and Methane, have in the atmosphere. In a nutshell, these gases stop too much of the Sun's radiation from bouncing back into space, so more of the heat originating from the Sun's radiation stays within the atmosphere and the Earth warms up. Hence the term "greenhouse gases" and as The Earth is oft' referred to as The Globe and, because it sounds much more dramatic and scary than Earth Warming, the Eco-Boffins call it Global Warming.

There. Simples.

With regard to the Sheep. Well there is a tired repost to the Eco-Boffins that the livestock that we farm for food, milk and clothing, etc. fart and burp a lot and that the Methane that is expelled is responsible for way more Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere and therefore way more Global Warming so it must be natural and therefore harmless. Unfortunately, as veggie peep's and vegans will remind us, if we humans didn't farm these animals they would not exist in such large numbers and therefore that's human-kind's fault as well! Blast. It should also be remembered that the Great White Shark is natural but you wouldn't want one as a pet!

In my next discourse, I will discuss the ramifications of positive and negative feedback in Global systems such as the North Atlantic Conveyer, the Jet Stream, La Niña and El Niño, in relation to the collapse of ancient civilisations.8-)
My post directly above explains it. It took thirty years (in fact more like 70 if one wishes to find the first paper on the subject) for the scientific community to accept the concept. There are still detractors in that community but they are now in the minority as the evidence is all around us and the data is coming in at an ever increasing rate It's not a Doomsday scenario like in the movies, it's more of an evolutionary process. All things change, sometimes not for the better - for us.
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