F1 Designer Unveils Electric Car!


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At first I though, CRIKEY! F1 must be in trouble, if the FIA are relying on one of the new teams to compete with a "pseudo Scalextric" car! LOL

But no, the BBC article here, relates to F1 designer Gordon Murray's unveiling of his latest take on transportation of the future.
(GM, really! )

I suppose that looking to design a car which doesn't run on fossil fuels is a sound is idea (fossil fuels are running out, after all!), but can't they actually design them to look lees like a Model-T Ford? Sure, this may be an innovative way of building a car but, if this meant to be a road-going car, where's the windscreen?

Looks like GM still has his F1 design head on. C'mon GM, there's no way McLaren will go with that design! ;)


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A year or two back when he brought out the T25 it really did seem like a brilliant idea - flat-pack car with minimal energy cost in production or use. The trouble was to achieve the benefits you need somebody to build them in bulk and it seems that nobody was willing to take the plunge (at least not yet). With the road car industry in the current state I don't suppose that will change.

In principle F1 techniques and processes have got much to offer in this area - they're all trying to get the maximum amount of performance out of the least amount of energy and the lowest possible weight, whilst maintaining safety. Maybe his experience is even more relevant in that respect than the McLaren F1 was?

That photo is not going to enthuse the public much is it? Not that that matters at this stage, he needs to get interest in the idea so somebody else will take it on. Good luck to him!


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Scoff you might.But these cars are coming.Make no mistake about that.My first car was a 1953 sit up and beg Ford Anglia.948cc sidevalve, three speed gear box, vacumn operated windscreen wipers that stopped going uphill and nearly flew off the screen when you took your foot off the accelerator.Top speed was an incredible 55mph down hill.
Today I drive a bog standard Opel Astra as my daily runabout.10 years old and can still hit the high nineties .

A well know F1 company have at present running in Qatar a fully KERS powered prototype.It has no convential engine at all.
It has a bank of super capacitors for intial start up and within half a mile of driving it is powered completely by kinetic energy.It can top 100mph and the only drawback that it suffers at present is long distance constant speed driving.But it is only a prototype,and very soon they will have that problem solved.It does not require any external charging in the normal course of events, and is currently being used as a daily runabout by one of the technicians involved in the development.

Take a look at this.
http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/06/mo ... n-tt-zero/
I can remember the days when a 500cc Manx Norton could only achieve these lap times.
I also have ready access to company BMW 740's if I want to.I also have an electronic key to a very good friends Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG if I want to take that out.But I rarely bother.With a national limit of 130kmph on very few roads its inviting disaster, and loss of driving licence.Speeding is a very serious offence here
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