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First screen shots released for F1 2012.

Looks great especially that Mclaren!
I preferred the 2010 graphics, they were awesome, the 2011 one and this years one from what can be seen, look too gamish. The 2010 graphics looked realistic.
It's a shame you can't combine the graphics of the 2010 game with the drivablity of the 2011 game, it's a shame really because 2011 is better to drive and more realistic but it seems the graphics have suffered because of it
There's now footage of the new Circuit of the Americas track in F1 2012. It looks similar to 2011 except that there is more refinement in everything such as the driver changing gears, the marbles look better and actually seem to stick to the tyres for a few corners now (instead of falling off almost immediately) and it appears you can adjust brake bias.

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