Pre-Season F1 2012 Car Preview: Force India VJM05


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With the Global economic turmoil hitting Vijay Mallya hard at the moment with his Kingfisher Airlines company seemingly to the outside World struggling to stay afloat with debt most normal humans would wince at. The future Force India must under some concern right now. Formula 1 is not the place to be if your short on cash especially if its your own sponsors on the team you own. Fortunately his Holding company UB breweries along with the companies owned seem to be taking up the slack and With a cash injection from selling shares to Sahara helping as well. There seem to be no immediate concerns for the team.

Not that if there was any problems you would be seeing them on track. Force India since there first full season have made a year on year improvement in the constructors Championship, First with a 10th place then 9th 8th, 7th, and now 6th. Impressive for a Team that spent 4-5 years in the doldrums with the slow and painful death of Jordan and unsuccessful times as Midland F1 and Spkyer. With that consistant climb up the Constructors Championship there can be one logical aim for them. 5th.

2010 was solid if unspectacular with consistent mid to tail points finishes placing them firmly in the midfield. The emphasis with the VJM05 is certainly on evolution, There's nothing to radical on the car apart from perhaps the nose witch Caterham and Ferrari have already gone down, but its clear to see that an effort has been made to refine, hone in and streamline with the car looking less bulky then last year.

Maybe its just me but the car does perhaps interestingly seem have some similarities with the 2010 car rather then the just 2011. The Fin style Roll hoop has gone and has been replaced with a conventional Roll hoop that along withe the shape of the engine cover looks to be an evolution from the VJM03. Like Caterham it seems as if Force India struggled find any advantage with the Fin style hoop, which while more streamlined and theatrically creates less disturbance toward the rear wing can cause its own problems, over the conventional one. Also the exhausts look to be in a similar position and almost copied from the VJM03 as well, traditional before blown diffusers came back into fashion, although there no doubt there will be a lot of development there before even the first test as teams try and optimize and exploit the new regulations. Finally the Nose seems to have been developed from the VJM03 and not the VJM04 which mas more bulky, The '10 version having more similarities to RedBull's high nose a lot of team have tried to copy, perhaps suiting the monocoque/nose height rules.

As with McLaren and Ferrari the sidepods are more tightly packaged, with a deep undercut that stretched along the width to almost form a twin Floor that Torro Rosso used last year. The idea goes as far back as the 1993 and 96 Ferrari designed by John Barnard. Difficult to implement then has the Ferrari went backwards in 93 and 96 save for Schumacher. Torro Rosso seemed to pull it off with there best season since 08.

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