Here be dragons.
A very simple question - what do you expect from F1 drivers? Any driver that is lucky enough, talented enough or buys his way in.

There are only 24 of them in the World currently, so please ignore teams and post the bottom line.

I'm not looking for names or driver preferences, just your expectations.
For me Talent should win all the time, but unfortunately in this day and age money does talk Jen.

I'd like to see all talented drivers given the chance, because there's been a few that have come and gone in recent years because their haven't got the money to bring in with them. One driver in particular should be in F1 but he just doesn't bring the money to the table and is stuck racing in another race series and been a test/reserve driver for a top team.
I'm not sure I expect anything from them, formula one maybe a sport but it is also a show, a piece of entertainment that lasts anything up to 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon so really as long as I'm entertained by the race and the drivers give their best and nobody gets hurt then for me the job has been done.

Sure I have my favourite drivers and if one of them wins it makes the event slightly more enjoyable but if they don't, so what.

I expect more from the fans than I do the drivers but unfortunately that is the area I am most often disappointed in...
I want the sport, and my participation in the periphery of the sport to make me feel something. I want to watch a race, and come away feeling better than I was before I started, that can a result that I like or not, but the event needs to make me feel something. God forbid there should ever be a day when I watch a race, and turn the telly off, with nothing to say, feeling flat.

My expectations of the drivers is no more than doing their best, and providing the story, and the drama. Which they do, generally, by the bucketload.
What I would expect of a Formula One driver is that:
  • They are reasonably competitive against their team-mate AND
  • They show some sort of ability to keep it out of the wall for more than a couple of races
Of a driver in a top team, I would expect:
  • They are competitive against their team-mate AND
  • They consistently score points AND
  • They show some sort of ability to keep it out of the wall more often than not
I expect a driver fighting his heart out on track, giving a 100% all the time. Just like the famous Ayrton Senna quote. But I also expect them not to be reckless, like Pastor Maldonado has been a few times recently.
teabagyokel I think it is pretty difficult to say that you expect one driver to be a reasonably competitive compared to his team-mate, because people sometimes say "well they drive the same car, so you can make an easy judgement on who is better". But just look at Mark Webber. He has been totally destroyed by Seb last year, and now look at this season. Sometimes drivers might have the same car but it might suit of their drivers more than the other.
But in the end I know what you mean:)
I was originally attracted to F1 because it was almost beyond comprehension to me what these guys could make their cars do. Sadly this was a bit later in my life than some people, but I've certainly tried to make up for lost time.

While I appreciate that some of the best drivers in history were the ones that liked to briefly approach "the limit" and back off, I've always had a fondness for the ones that approached "the limit", had a look, and went beyond it. Sure this may have cost them from time to time, but when it works out, you're left with nothing but undying admiration and a certain awestruck feeling that will never dissipate.

In brief, I expect to be amazed on a bi-weekly basis. Whether its Free Practice, Qualifications, or the GP, I want to see moments where you have to step back and say, "how in the hell did he do that"?
Why am I not surprised that such a retort would come from someone who "expects more from the fans than I do the drivers"?

That sounds like the single most uninteresting way to watch a sporting event that I've ever heard of.

How could you possibly expect more from someone spectating from the sidelines than someone involved in the heat of battle? Furthermore, why would someone of your ilk even bother with internet forums?

Actually, come to think of it, that explains quite a bit Mephistopheles. Good luck with that.
It just means that I can't imagine someone expecting more from somebody typing on keyboard than the men that are controlling state of the art machinery at the peak of human capabilities. I simply don't understand how one could be as remotely satisfying as the other.
Thanks. When I first read your comment about the fans and your frequent disappointment with them, I thought it was odd, but never planned to question it. But after seeing your quip about "hero worship", I couldn't resist.
I'm going to flip it on its head for a second, I DON'T expect them to be paragons of virtue or shining examples to my kids. All I expect them to do is drive quick, fight hard, and ideally not do anything particularly stupid to themselves or others.
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