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Surprised there isn't a thread about this already.

I read some stuff about it a while ago when it was in development and it looks like a great concept.

A player-controlled monster must evade a team of four uniquely-skilled playable hunters. Evolve and overpower as the monster or team up and out number as the hunters. It’s survival of the fittest, any side can win. Choose your side.

I bet it's great online.
I am considering buying it but I presume it really needs to be played online with friends for the best experience.

Sadly I don't have any :D
Nah, was thinking about buying this, but think this game is pretty linear.
And like Brogan says, don't have any friends that play this.
I thought this game looked cool at first but after learning more about it, I dont think it has much staying power. Its an MMO that basically has endless matches either against bots or player controlled characters.
Basically, all you do is hunt the monster or if you play as the monster, you hide and run around eating animals until you level up all the way and then go fight the hunters. Thats it, no story, no real campaign mode. IMO, after about a week, it would start to get pretty stale.
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