Football England v Egypt 03/03/2010


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I know C_t_A is an F1 related website and this thread is not related to F1 in the slightest,
but that's why it's here in the Gravel Trap section!* :rolleyes:

Anyway, back to the point of this thread. Tonight, ITV are showing England's friendly against the mighty Egypt, the reigning African Nations Cup holders. The sole reason that I will actually be watching is that, in the Egyptian team, there is a striker called Emad Mate3b (I think he's no.10)

This striker, you'll all be thrilled to know, was signed by Bristol City last year. But due to the player stupidly playing for his then former team in Egypt, whilst instructed not to do so by his new club (Bristol City), the transfer fell through at the last minute.

So, I shall put up with both the absolutely abysmal football coverage, that is known collectively as ITV1, plus the absolutely excruciating ordeal of witnessing an England friendly. Will Mete3b prove to be :censored: , which will make all BCFC fans happy, or will he score a pearler against England and make us all sick that we missed out on him?...

... And, because I wouldn't want you all to miss out on this "treat", I thought I'd give you all the "heads up"!

* Maybe Bro should add a "Kitty Litter" section, for all the :censored: threads that are started!
Oh well. After about 65mins, Mete3b is substituted... (Or Motoab, as ITV spell it :blink: ) So, the game descends into the humdrum mediocrity of a normal England friendly... :bored:

Just out of interest, did anyone spot how ordinary Mete3b was! :D

The man we Bristol City fans have to thank, for not signing Mete3b, must surely be the Bristol City manager Gary Johnson who even has international recognition!. Click here for proof of that recognition >> <<

Thank you for your divided attention.... :yawn:
I'm intrigued.

How can someone have a number in their name?

Well, apart from robots such as C-3P0, R2-D2, K-9, etc.
It's an Arabic/Egyption thing. (Although, according to Google, the spelling is Emad Met3eb!)

This is the Google result for Emad >> Emad Met3eb

As far as I understand it, there is a letter in his surname that doesn't have a direct translation into English... So they use a number. :s
I know there is an old footballing cliche that you need a little man and a big man up front but this may be taking things to extremes :snigger:

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