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Points Scorer
Although there's not an official championship for Engines the table below indicates the number of points each manufacturer would have if there were one. The format follows the same principal as drivers and constructors, i.e 25 for 1st place etc
[bg=#009900]X[/bg] Race Winner
[bg=#FFCC66]X[/bg] Podium Hatrick

This table should be self explanitory indicating a manufacturer for each points scoring postion by race.
[bg=#FFFF00]R[/bg] Renault
[bg=#FF0000]F[/bg] Ferrari
[bg=#87CEEB]C[/bg] Cosworth

This table indicates the total number of times finished in each points scoring posistion for a manufacturer.

If there's anything else you think might be worth adding let me know.


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Nice work slick :thumbsup:

I presume that the first table isn't weighted at all to take into account the number of each particular engine manufacturer on the grid; i.e. 3 x Mercedes, 3 x Ferrari, 2 x Renault 4 x Cosworth.

Once again though it shows that despite Red Bull's qualifying performance, they can't convert it into points.
No it's not weighted at all, i guess it could be tabled as a percentage of the maximum points a manfacturer can get based on the number of engines run in the race.

6 x Mercedes - max points achievable = 88
4 x Renault --- max points achievable = 70
6 x Ferrari----- max points achievable = 88
8 x Cosworth-- max points achievable = 98
Nice work slick.

I'm pleased that we've got the top three teams in the championship all using different engines - it shows that there probably isn't a huge amount in it (and any Renault power deficit is probably made up in other areas anyway).

The difference is the strength of the number two and three teams - Ferrari's customer relationship with Toro Rosso and Sauber has yielded far fewer points that Mercedes' own team and Force India.
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