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I never spotted this thread before, must have been lost in the depths of the gravel trap!

I heard they were remaking it but never followed it up, might have to do now thoughh.
I always remember there was a bug in the Amiga version of the game. If you purchased a cabin and then hired a passang then went back to the upgrades screen and sold the cabin, it wouldn't let you because the error message would come up saying "you can't sell the cabin upgrade while there is a passanger in it". It still gave you the credit's though. By doing that a few times you could quickly gain a huge amount of cash to upgrade your ship.
Yeh the amiga game was as buggy as hell. The bad one I remember was landing on planet stations almost never worked.
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You actually get a spaceship capable of hyperspace jumps with your order although you may have to wait a couple of years for delivery.
The Beta version is now being tested which you can do as well for £50.

Latest trailer.

Wish they would get a move on and release the finished game.....on PS4.
Looks amazing.

As the whole game is being built on a Mac and PC baseline the chances are that the first console it will be on is the X-BOX One as the port is a lot easier and less problematical than the PS4 port. Just wish they would hurry up and announce the final release date as this is a game on a console where I could get lost in it for months at a time, I must have played the original BBC release over 100 times from start to finish because of the way it was coded no two game paths were ever the same....
Speed docking competition. This game looks like great fun.

canis if it keeps being in beta testing any longer then it might be released on Steam box first. If steam box ever gets out of Beta as well that is.
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David Braben (no not that one) inteview from last month.

Still keeping things close to his chest on consol release.

I've got some reader questions. One asks, you've talked about PC and Mac. What about Linux?

David Braben: I'm a big fan of Linux. We want to get the PC version right. We're not being distracted yet. And we will look at other platforms once we've got this. Obviously there are a lot of other possible platforms we can support, including Linux and console. Depending on console choices, Linux may be easier or harder as well. So we want to try and do a proper, sensible roadmap than a kneejerk. It would be easy for me to say, oh yes, we'll do that. I want to do that, but I can't say we're doing that on this date. We need to plan it sensibly. And so we will.

With Raspberry Pi we chose Linux. I am aware there are a lot of big Linux communities. But we've got to be sensible about it.

Are you any closer to deciding whether you're doing a console version?

David Braben: We are, because we're getting closer to release. We've said we will make a decision, but we don't want to get sidetracked. We don't want to get distracted. Obviously it is something we're seriously internally looking at.

Have Sony and Microsoft been in touch?

David Braben: We're doing a first-party game with Microsoft. We talk about all sorts of things. And obviously we talk to Sony as well. But I'm not saying anything about it.
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