Driver Documentaries: Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Jim Clark


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You might be able to catch it on iplayer if it's not been on before but they have had the following documentaries on.

Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scotsman
Graham Hill: Driven
Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion

Absolute quality :D
I know this programme has been on before, previously shown on BBC4, but it's so good that it's well worth watching again. And if you've not seen it before, then make sure you watch it..!

Graham Hill: Driven, is on on Sunday 20th Feb at 19:00hrs, on BBC2.

Click on this link for confirmation >> Clickitty Hill Click

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If you haven't seen this excellent documentary before it is on BBC2 at 7pm tonight (no doubt it will be on the iplayer afterwards)

An intimate portrait of motor racing star Graham Hill, who became the only man to win the Formula One World Championship, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24-hour race - but whose reckless streak was to prove his undoing.
fantastic TV.

Graham Hill had a brilliant sense of humour. I've never really heard him speek before but I've read so much about him. The scenes with Jackie Stewart were fantastic.
The scene where Graham Hill was injured in Hospital - he was saying a few words, from his hospital bed, to an audience in a TV studio and he said to them; "I don't know what you lot have planned now, but I have a couple of ladies visiting and they'll be rubbing ointment onto my bottom! Top that if you can!" (or words to that affect!) LOL

Graham Hill. Legend. :thumbsup:
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