CTA's 2nd Favourite F1 Commentator

Who is your non-Murray favourite F1 commentator

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It is a question worth asking, and an indication of the response to 7 day polls for the CTA awards at the end of the season. Call this a dry run without an Award, for this is simply a choice as to who will come second. There is no doubt about the winner!
Allen for me.

I just can't bear Legard's commentary.

Me and the wife always laugh now whenever we hear him say "up the hill", "round the corner", "on a charge", etc.

I say laugh, what I actually mean is grate our teeth and quietly scream...
I couldn't stand Allen to be fair. He never seemed to get what was actually going on but not in an endearing way like Murray. But my biggest problem was the...

"HAMILTON wins the Canadian Grand Prix"

stuff. It had been obvious for an hour, no need for supersonic!
Ben Edwards and John Watson - Bring back the Eurosport Coverage

The most annoying thing about James Allen and believe me the list was a very long one was his habit of trying to time the word "Wins" to the moment the winning driver crossed the line. This often left him sounding like a cross between David Frost and Orvil the Duck.

It seemed to come out as "and Leeeewiiissss Hamiltoooon WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

I felt like screaming "no S :censored: T James" It always seemed so false. At least you knew that Murry Walker was genuinly wetting himself with excitement with every race.

Mind you the only thing worse than listening to James Allen is listening to Simon Taylor with a commentry recorded after the race on the rare occasions that a British F3 race was shown on TV.
Of course, when I say 2nd favourite, I mean after all the commentators I forgot...

It is just a trial run for the Awards which will be after the season, and it is specifically to distinguish whether this year's commenator is better than last year's.

Personally I believe every aspect of ITV's coverage that was good has been retained and every other aspect improved upon.

BTW, Speshal, Brundle counts as a co-commentator.
I can now announce that a Mr. J. Legard has defeted Mr J. Allen in this vote despite the site founders' protestations. And may Allen forever reside doing the interviews with the drivers; I'm hoping he doesn't revert to type and start asking questions like:

"Is there any way you're not perfect, Lewis?"
"What is the greater acheivement, Jenson, winning the WDC or beating Lewis?"
"Rubens, you're not British, so I don't care."
"Michael, now my appeal's come through, there isn't a restraining order any more, I can go back to pit-lane reporting. Cheese it, Kravitz!"
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