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Gone almost un-noticed on the board but with a few columns in the British Press it's a big congratulations to Scotlands Dario Franchitti on his second IRL title in 3 years. From the sounds of the reports it was a three horse race to the very end and Dario took the win thanks to his two closest rivals (Ryan Briscoe and Scott Dixon) needing a splash and dash with a few laps to go.

It's a great comeback for Dario who moved over to NASCAR after taking the 2007 IRL title however his spell in that series was less than spectacular and so he found himself back in IRL after just one season.
Yes, the top 3 going into the final race were as follows:

1 Scott Dixon 		570
2 Dario Franchitti 565
3 Ryan Briscoe 562
So it could have been anyone's race, a bit like BTCC last week.

So yes, congrat's to Dario on his second title.

Just a shame we don't get more motorsport on the terrestrial channels over here :disappointed:
I'm going to aim at putting all the series in the Calendar this year with TV schedules so at least that should help to promote the series' a bit more.
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