Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

Shhh. Sport not politics. ;)

So the opening ceremony......first who the **** booked Barrowman that was horrific. Second since when did Scotland sing God save the Queen as the national anthem, Third could they not get the real proclaimers to sing their own song.
unicef trying to crash the internet. 2 billion people donating at one time.

Billy Connolly has a wee bit o magic about him still doesn't he. Pulls you in when he talks.

Big up Alex Salmond for not mentioning independence. He is a good man. SPORT.
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Double bad news this morning
Mo Farah has pulled out of the games.
Usain Bolt isn't running the 100m or the 200m only doing the relay.
Greenlantern101 - GSTQ is sung as the Queen is head of the Empire Commonwealth, and as such needs an extra special effort by God to save her.

Which is why the Olympic flame baton has a message from the Queen in it.
I was being facetious. 'The flower of Scotland' is very much our 'unofficial' anthem. :)

Hannah Miley gets an easy win in her heat. So does Willmott. in the 400m medley. :)
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I do like the Proclaimers, it was a pity they didn't sing their song.

It's unnaturally hot at the moment, that must be adding some pressure for some of the competitors.
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