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So, what was happening 12 Months ago on Clip the Apex? Lets pick out a few threads from this time last year:

1. Last year Nigel Mansell became an ambassador for Lotus (sportsman). So what was Nige's best result for Lotus?

3rd on 5 occasions

2. I asked who would win the Force India Intra-team battle. So where was Paul di Resta's best qualifying session last year?


3. FB told us Felipe Massa claimed that his own performance was hindered by Bridgestone tyresin 2010? Here's what Galahad said:

Massa is a nice guy but this victimisation schtick is getting a bit tiresome. In :censored: of 19 races, including Hockenheim, Alonso was quicker. Ferrari are running a racing team, not a charity. Even then, they let Massa stay ahead in Melbourne.

If Felipe's problems really were with the tyres as he says, I look forward to seeing him competing more strongly with his team mate in 2011. I won't hold my breath though.

Fill in the gap!


4. DOF_power's rant about overtaking included references to 2010 and Abu Dhabi. Who finished 4th in the Abu Dhabi round of the World Passenger's Championship?

Nico Rosberg

5. What was the strapline of the 606 closing down sale?

6. Which constructor won DOF's favourite 1971 Italian Grand Prix?

BRM, of the late Peter Gethin

7. We were given the news that Robert Kubica was injured. Which position, throughout his career, did Kubica most often finish?

5th (9 times)- (1/2 for 4th or 6th)

8. Mario Andretti signed up to replace Mark Webber at Red Bull. When did Andretti originally retire?

Las Vegas 1982!

9. Meanwhile, Keke the King was analysing overtaking from the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. So where did the real Keke finish at Zolder?


10. And, most importantly, it is very nearly a year to the day that Clip the Apex went green. So what is Tony Fernandes' Lotus' best result?

12th for HK at the 2010 Japanese GP

An anniversary worth marking - a year of green Xenforo Apex Clipping!
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