Climate change, global warming & the environment


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I find it strange that we buy into Darwinism but won't contemplate that we could evolve with climate change.

Why should we be the only species to stay unchanged?

As it is, humans are very good at adapting to the environment; which is why we're so prolific. By all means take care of your environment for your immediate benefit; but don't believe you can significantly change anything on a global scale.
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Andyoak The human being is the most adaptable animal on the planet bar none, (Contrary to popular belief we are in fact animals.) We are Superior to every animal that has ever lived and the most dangerous, we can adapt/live in any environment this planet has to offer we can even survive in space itself using our technology and our technology is only going get more and more advanced, this is our evolution and this is why we are at the very top of the food chain on this planet, of course their are other worlds out there with life that is far more advanced than us of that I have no doubt...
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...and yet all it takes is for one small female mosquito to suck blood and millions of these superior humans die every year. Due to global warming they are now spreading towards Europe.


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That's true. Then the medical companies will be pressed to find a cure because it will now be cost effective (see Ebola for further details) and another disease will have been wiped out. Simples!


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We may be the most superior animal but we are no match for nature.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, disease, drought...

I'd argue the more technology and medicine advances the more damage we are doing to ourselves.


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And that's where we will eventually fall; we spend so much trying to adapt the world to us that we'll lose the ability to adapt to the world.


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After viewing the picture of London (in Fendermans link), I am now in the process of looking for the biggest gas guzzler I can find, turned the thermostat up 10 degrees and opened all the windows. :)
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Hello Titch , I've been busy building my Ark because I Googled Noah but he seems to have quit the ship building business ...

... sorry, seriously though, just really busy with lots of stuff going on.
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