Climate change, global warming & the environment


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I eat what's available in the house and consider it's a very well balanced healthy diet.
If I felt I needed to calculate how many days I didn't eat meat I'd be a very different person.


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I'm afraid I've always felt vegetarianism and veganism is a wealth choice rather than a health choice.

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We also have meat free days but it is because we enjoy having things like penne arabiatta and three bean mix. As with others we don't do it by rote, just as the mood takes us.

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Unexpectedly something came up to support my contention that we should reduce the world's population if we want homo sapiens to continue in the long term. It appears that when the Europeans colonised the Americas (mainly the southern part of the continent) they wiped out a large part of the population.

A side effect of this is that the land was not farmed and the forests grew back, causing more of the carbon dioxide to be soaked up by the extra trees and the temperature of the world to drop.

America colonisation ‘cooled climate’

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There are various projects for moving the co2 into caves, growing trees in the desert to soak it up and all becoming vegan, although this will release a whole load of greenhouse gases when all the animals are slaughtered.

But all these depend upon there being fewer people in the future or the whole shebable will happen again a few years into the future.

I saw a bit a couple of years ago about a doctor having forecast the first human to live to a thousand years old has probably already been born. He also said that it would make no difference to the world population. I think that he is living in cloud cuckoo land.


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The best way to reduce family size is to create wealth. The poorer the country the larger the family size is as the children are, in effect, the parents pension scheme.

This UN report shows some detail on this but we then have a problem with the level of consumption of the individuals -

This is the level of CO2 per capita for different nations -

'twould appear we are knackered either way
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