Claire Williams

Just noticed she doesn't have her own thread yet! Anyway lets introduce her to cliptheapex.

Claires 1st contribution to F1 was actually being born back in 1976 which makes her one of the younger team bosses in F1.

After graduating from Newcastle University she had a spell in the Silverstone Press office before joining Williams in 2002 where she has worked her way up from the bottom from being a lowly communications minion all the way to being a board member and deputy team principal. Not bad in 10 years!

She is known for her refreshing cheerful attitude in the F1 paddock which has prompted this recent article from
Whereas I admire Frank for making his child get to know the team from the bottom up lets not pretend she wasn't being groomed for the post she holds now from the word go, I see nothing wrong with that indeed I am all in favour for little bit of nepotism Frank built the company from the ground up and it is only right that he would want his daughter to run the whole shebang one day...
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It seems that way but it's a always a bit difficult to know whether any team principal (or in her case deputy team principal) is "doing a good job from the outside. After all the only way we can really tell is how they come across in interviews, which isn't the same thing. As is the case with any team principal we don't have access to what happens behind the scenes, which is where the serious stuff takes place.
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