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Hello My Babbers, Wes ‘ere.

Wes Tonsupermare, team principle and owner of Chedder Valley Racing. Those of you who read the Western Daily Press will know that we’ve been lucky enough to grab the coveted 14th spot on next years grid and we’ve chosen Clip the Apex to be our media partners for the forthcoming season. I will be keeping this blog up to date throughout the season to keep you, our fans, informed on the entire goings on from inside the team. Taking you closer to the heart of the action.

So let me begin by introducing you to the Chedder Valley Racing team. CVR (as we like to call it) has a long and successful history in motorsport in both current and vintage competitions, which may explain why we have been selected to join the elite ranks of F1. We have won the last 3 "North Somerset Show" tractor pulls and we are also the proud winners of “Best Vintage Tractor “at the 1998 Bath and West Show.

We are based in the snug of the Castle of Comfort Inn, here in the Mendips while our technical HQ is in my chief mechanic, Ed’s garage. There are two reasons for this, 1) It’s where we keep the tools and 2) Mrs Ed, our team chef, makes a fantastic Shepard’s pie. This brings us neatly on to our mechanical team of Ed and Ted. I found these guys running the kids go kart ride at the Brean Leisure park about 20 years ago. I thought to myself, these guys understand pressure in a motorsport environment so I signed ‘em up straight away. They’re not from these parts, coming as they do from the Midlands but we’ve managed to overcome most of the language difficulties. It’s worth remembering though, if a Midlander asks you “do you want a suck?” don’t punch him in the face like I did, just accept the boiled sweet he’s offering. Ted took a while to forgive me for that one.

Seeing as we are now stepping up a notch in the design stakes we have had to add to our design staff. Now it has to be said that trying to find an expert in “Computational Fluid Dynamics” can be a bit tricky. We asked about in the pub and old Jack came up trumps. Turns out we’ve got something even better with an expert in Concorde Fluid Dynamics. Yep, we’ve got the bloke who designed the toilet on Concorde. Anyone who can make shit move at Mach 2 has got to be the bloke for us.

The design of the chassis is well underway and we will be making more announcements as the weeks roll on. The next step of the dream is to sign some more sponsorship, sort out an engine and get a driver or two. Right, It’s back to the grindstone for now.

Take care me’babbers.

Nice one CaT LOL Can I offer an appropriate supplier of lubricants:


and suitable attire for the pit girls

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