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Dear all,

I have been doing a bit of digging around to try and answer a couple of things that have been doing my head in. Can any of you shed any light because I can't seem to find an answer to the following questions (and not even Wikipedia has been much help). :dunno:

1) I have heard that the Hillman Hunter GLS may have competed in the BTCC (or BSCC as it may have been known then) and it may have even won the championship but I can't find any record of this. Is any one able to confirm if this car took part in the championship and how did it do.


2) I know Stirling Moss made a bizarre come back racing in the BTCC for Audi in the early 80's but I can't find any record of his results. Did he do any good? Did he take any wins ?

I would be greatful if any of you lot could shed any light on these questions because they've been driving me mad. :crazy:


C_A_T :goodday:
Hi Cider,

The only championship success for Hillman in the BSCC/BTCC was when Bernard Unett won it in 1974 in an Avenger.

I have however found the following link, which suggests the car won Prod Saloons (the more basic, road-car based equivalent of BSCC) in the same year: ... 1OKl8qyQ==

Stirling was tempted out of retirement to race a Group C Audi 80 run by Richard Lloyd Racing in the BSCC in 1980. I can't find a list of his results anywhere, but they were very underwhelming (even allowing for the fact that his car wasn't in the top class). I believe Moss himself has described it as the biggest mistake he ever made.
Wow! How interesting.
Thanks for the info' guys.

Hillman is not usually a name one even associates with racing never mind winning.

Cheers for that Gordo.

That link for the Hunter was superb. My dad had a Hillman when I was a kid and I always have fond memories of that car. I had heard from a mate that the GLS did quite well in motorsport but have never seen one used in classic tin tops. I wondered if they were eligable and obviously from the information in that link, they are.

I had a feeling that Moss's results would be less than inpressive but would love to see what they were any way. I read somewhere that a BTCC driver (I wish I could remember his name but it's a well known one) who was just starting out and was in the same Audi team as Moss, said that he learnt a lot from him just by following him through corners and seeing what lines he took.

Thanks once again mate.


C_A_T :goodday:
What a fantastic question. I love 70s and 80s racing, especially rallying. Never even realised that HILLMAN raced , everybody thinks i'm mad but i think there is no subsitute for perfection, FORD MARK 1+2 ESCORTS RULE THE WORLD . JIM CLARK rip the legend lives on
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