Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone attempted to qualify for a single World Championship event. He was in a Connaught-Alta, one of a fleet of three entered by himself. He finished qualifying 265.2 seconds off the pace, and his two team-mates failed to qualify as well.

He is, however, the most important single person in Grand Prix history. He took charge of Motor Racing Developments in 1972, from Ron Tauranac. He was the team principal for Nelson Piquet's two drivers' titles, but he'd lost interest by the time Brabham missed the deadline to enter the 1988 World Championship.

Into the governance of the sport he went, and he modernised it, and quickly controlled Formula One. He is now the leader of a billion-dollar industry. He is a divisive figure, but he's not done badly for someone who was four minutes off the pace on a Saturday in Monaco.
I don't understand why, with this level of fraud, that BCE isn't going to prison...
Because he's a rich old white man.

why does it not surprise me that bernie wasn't telling the truth, when asked about a 400m trustfund in singapore

it is a strange 1 that he been told if he does it again. he will be sent to prison for 17 months. but i guess having to give nearly 30% of his fortune to HMRC probably helps
I'm not sure how putting a 92 year old man in jail for tax evasion is going to make the world safer. Perhaps they should have gone after him some years ago. He does have to pay £653 million to HMRC, so some good has come of it.
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