Formula E Berlin E-Prix


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First we take Manhatten, then we take Berlin sang Leonard Cohen. He obviously hadn't studied his Formula E Calendar well though because first it's Berlin, then Geneva and then Manhatten. In fact it's not even Manhatten it's New Jersey so I'm starting to think Leonard Cohen knew bugger all about Formula E. This weekends race in Berlin will once again be at the man made airport track which means they can make up whatever lay out they want. Hopefully it'll be a fun one.

It's squeaky bum time in Formula E with 4 races left. There are 116 points left available which means mathematically anyone all the way down to Lotterer in 8th can win the championship. Realistically though it's a two horse race between Vergne and Bird with Vergne holding a 31 point lead. Rosenqvist in 3rd is a full 61 points behind Vergne and needs some none finishes and clean sweeps to get back in contention but if the season goes to the form it previously has then it's not likely. Vergne holds his commanding lead due to being consistent as he's not been out of the top 5 all year. Bird too has been fairly good at scoring points even on his bad days.

Last time out JEV took a victory in his home town and held off Bird to do so. Bird really needs to get the jump on him here to start closing the gap. The last round at New York is a double header and Bird was supreme there last year. This has to be in the back of Vergne's mind but he's experienced to know that all he needs to do is keep sticking it in the podium.

Outside of these two I'm sure we'll have the usually entertaining shernaigans with Audi probably exceptionally keen to get a win in their home race. Jaguar too really need to capitalise on that good form and get that first win.

Channel 5 actually have the race live on their main channel this weekend with coverage starting at 16:45. Qualifying is on Spike at 12:45.
Given the number of Vets moving in on the series I'm more surprised he hasn't been offered a race seat.
Just watched it on catch up, not the most exciting race but there were some good passes early on it picked up at the end. Shame that FRO messed up at the first turn and Lotterer was so far back but. Think there are 5 now who can take the title but JEV must be in the box seat.
First Formula E race I've ever fallen asleep during. Oh dear. Still action than your average F1 race though.

The dominant Audi thing that as what was predicted at the begining of the year. Looks like they fixed the problem!

Gotta be between JEV and Birdy now unless something crazy happens. Danny Abt is the outsider I guess if you want a long bet.
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