'Because of the circumstances Hamilton found himself in...'


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My thanks to Hamberg for the inspiration for this. As we know Lewis Hamilton is to blame for most things (if not all) so please complete the above sentence. I'll kick you off with :

Because of the circumstances Hamilton found himself in...

...Apollo 13 never made it to the moon
...Edward VIII had to abdicate
...Jedward have a pop career

Try and keep it above the waist (if you can) and probably not about F1. This isn't meant to be a chance to have a pop at Lewis!
... David Cameron thought up the Big Society and then proceeded to unzip it because he didn't realise it already existed.
... the Y2K bug decided it didn't want to play on New Years Day 2000.
... Bernie Ecclestone, Max Mosley, Sky and a whole lot of other peep's are rubbing their hands in glee and creaming off profits left, right and centre. Except, of course, the BBC who just can't keep up because it is a dinosaur in a canoe with a hole in the bottom (mysteriously shaped like a public purse without a bung in it).
That's all well and good but the last words on Lewis's lips were:

"I haven't been called up before the stewards have I?"

To which his PR adviser answered:

"No the stewards were deported to North Korea and executed."
Apparently this was at the behest of Kim Jong-il who likes Lewis so much that he offered to exchange them for 20 captive American servicemen.

Lewis is said to be so upset that Stewards are being executed in his name that he has made it known that he no longer wants to be liked, appreciated, applauded, thanked, loved, praised, eulogised or fondled.
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