BBC vs Eurosport

I always prefer Eurosport coverage of any motor sport even when they had F1 after all they are a dedicated sports channel and know how to get it right.

The BBC can't even be bothered to show the lower classes of MotoGP on the main channel you have to press the red button to watch them which means I can't record them so I am always missing them.. sod it I'm adding Eurosport to my Sky package sorry Jos the Boss the BBC is crap as far as sports goes, and most other things as well....


gethinceri I believe the term is "pissing into the wind" :D
The BBC aren't a sports channel though although I do agree that they have treated sport (apart from Wimbledon and the Olympics) terribly. Still, I don't have Sky so I have to take positives from what I have (but Steve Parrish is awesome and unfortunately the pit lane reporter is like a giggly schoolgirl).
The Beeb and Eurosport commentators get a real hard on for the ultra-slo-mo stuff, don't they. Which is all very well but, personally, I quite like watching the racing. When I want still photography I buy a magazine. I do wish they would save the slo-mo's for the post race up-sum.

To me there is not much difference between the channels really. Like F1 the live picture feed is the same for both. Biggest downside of that is that they, and we, are at the mercy of the one director/producer. As in F1, said persons seem to suffer from this urge to keep cutting away from the action to look at people on the pit wall, people hanging out lap boards for the riders, spectators or whatever. And another (but this ought to be for the rant thread really) is this diabolical habit of zooming in on one rider who is locked in battle with a group so that we are not seeing the actual action.

I once wrote a Rooters spoof conspiracy piece about still photographer's taking over the TV camera work at live events. At least, it was meant to be a spoof. F1 hasn't got any worse but I can't say that about bike sport this year.

Ignoring the negative stuff about the coverage, the sport itself is in rude health with some epic racing. I'm even warming up to this CRT crap although, as in F1 it's really having two classes in the same race. At least it's got more bikes on the track.

Edit:sThe spoof is here if anyone's interested:
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