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Fat Bloke and I have formed a "Clip the apex" clan on Batracer and we need 8 more members for the clan to become active. If any of you have Batracer accounts and would like to join let us know.

For those of you who haven't played batracer before, it's an online racing sim that covers not only F1 but LMS, Indy, BTCC and various other championships. It can be quite frustrating at times (as some members on here can tell you) but it's very adictive and another good way of spreading the word about this forum.

We can also host private games for just CTA members (something Gordan M has already done very succesfully a few months back).
Bro, I've sent you a clan invite through Batracer.

For every one else, here's the clan

You can PM me on Batracer and I can send you the clan invite. Once we get 10 members the clan goes active and performances count in the clan championship.

Regards C_A_T
There is a private Trans-Am series that is looking for a few more guys. Scheduled to start in a few days or as soon as the field is filled, what ever comes first.

Game# 45078
Password: Z
Just thought I would bounce this up in case any of the recent intake of members fancy joining the CTA Batracer clan.
Is the CTA clan still going? :o

For my sins, I'm a member of the 606ers clan. I can change my ways though and become a member of the CTA clan. :surrender

I've just joined and am currently in my first season. Do we have any other players still going?
CaT is the clan leader and I believe is the only one able to offer invites to new members. As he is currently "indisposed" I don't think it's possible to join then clan. I'll drop him a PM and see if he can transfer the clan leadership - currently only me and GeoffP are actively racing.
Any hints or tips gents?

How do you look at your team mates set up?

Also how the the feedback on your setting work. With increase? and decrease? under the bars, is that a suggestion from you engineer on where to go with set up?

I can't claim to have been massively succesful but have won a few races and a couple of champiosnships so I'll offer what advice I can.

Check the engineers advice. If the suggestion is for a medium setting put the slider at 50, for low or soft 25 (this is the "Safe" end on the brake balance) and for high or hard 75. When you do your practice run the game will then advise you to increase or decrease settings. I tend to change the settings by a factor of 8 as this makes it easier when you get closer to the spot on set up.

Depending on the driver characteristics you can be more or less aggresive in practice. If you have Thinker or Charisma you can run the slider at 100% and get lots of feedback. With any other driver choices I tend to run at 50%, with the final run at 100% as it doesn't matter if you crash. If you are more aggersive than this you will lose laps and feedback.

You can load your teammates set up by clicking on Load on the car set up screen but unless you buy Kool Tools you won't be able to see them (it's only a tenner - depends how dedicated you are going to be to the game). Don't forget as well to change your driving style as this will influence your race speed and how easily, or not, you are overtaken. If you run with very high agression there is a risk you will crash but you are less likely to be overtaken and more likely to overtake. If you run with a very high speed it's the same but it does depend very much on the driver characteristics you have chosen.

Make sure you have the right tyres for qualifying. If you're doing an F1 series I would suggest running all three sets of soft tyres, one in each qualifying session but don't forget to set the pit stops in the race strategy before qualifying as this will effect how well you do.

Let me know what series you are doing, what car and what driver characteristics and I might be able to give a little more advice.
Cheers for the help FB.

A question, does 'rain' conditions warrent the full wet tyre? Or can you get away with intermediates? Likewise, for 'rain' do this mean following your engineers advice for full wet conditions?

My practise was in 'drizzle' on intermediates, with 'rain' for the qualifying.
With Kool Tools you get a wet/dry set up adjuster but you can work it our yourself. The engineers advice is for converting a full dry set up to a full wet set up (storm). There are 12 stages of wet so each level is about 8.3% of the engineers advice - so if the suggestion is +35 on one of the settings you would add 2.9 for each increasing level of wetness.

On the tyres Inters will work in drizzle and up to rain, above that you need full wets. There is also a slider to decide when to change to the next tyre level. I keep mine at between 35 & 40 as this seems to work about right (although not always as Batracer does throw some curved balls occasionally)
Where can you find the levels FB? For instance, I ran my setup on inters in drizzle, and then qualifying is in rain. Should I stay on inters? Or change to wets.

Thanks for the help mate.
If anyone fancies joining the CTA clan drop me a PM with your name in Batracer and I'll send you an invite.
OOh, I'll get on that too.

Just trying to decide if its possible to run slicks in moist conditions :dunno: I need my qualifying strategy to work!
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