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Another Bahrain GP, another disappointed Raikkonen realising there's no champagne, another happy Haas, another Rosberg win.
4 from me. Some excitement in the early laps but then it turned in to the usual drudge. Disturbing that a bent Merc is still faster then most of the rest of the grid.
A 6 from me. A fun start and some good battles in the midfield but lacked any challenge up front and tailed off towards the end.
4.Once Vettels engine went boom on the parade lap it was obvious that any challenge to Mercedes was over. Only positives for the race was Vandoorne and the form of the Haas team.
Too little interest at the sharp end to be any better than a 5. Midfield battles prevented it from being worse. Definitely one that petered out; with the blame in no small part to loosing Seb and Hammy from the fight for the win. Disappointing, we have had much better races here. Still at least we got to see Stoffel show us what he can do. And not to forget Ro Gro wow.

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Worth a 6 for the Stoff, RoGro and that awkward-looking Russian youth. I do like watching the Renault too- I love the livery!
DoD has to be RoGro for me- he earned that 5th on merit. A quality drive:moustache:
Seven. The loss of Vettel before the start sucked. Hamilton's start sucked. And the consequential absence of a battle for the win sucked. But other than that it was great.

Tons of scrapping all over the circuit. Haas showing Oz was anything but a fluke. Flawless from Rosberg.

If the focus ever gets back on the cars and the driving then F1 will be in good stead.
I may be an optimist but I'll give it a 7/10

I failed to "zone out" or feel like I was forcing myself to watch the race. (I don't feel as optimistic as the circus heads to Asia). At this point I consider Merc and Ferrari to be alike to a LMP1 WEC car while the rest of the field LMP2's. It's just not worth comparing IMHO. With the pace that Hamilton showed with a damaged chassis and being sent to the back of the field early, it's clear that the car is still in a league of it's own.

I was happy to see Bottas perform the Finnish harpoon technique on Hamilton. Looks like he learned something in Russia LOL

That being said if you cut the two manu teams out it was an exciting race. It's refreshing to see the youngsters scrapping, battling, and getting emotional this year. Compared to years past where they often stay quietly in the back, out of contention. Bernie and Todt are being spoiled by the show the young drivers and young teams are giving us despite their atrocious mismanagement of quali.

I loved the varied tire strategy and Grosjean's performance had me grinning, especially after all the years of being considered a "dramatic driver".

Loving that Ricciardo is 3rd in points :3rd:
It's very unlike me to be the positive one amongst you lot but I really enjoyed that. We got to see a lot of the midfield scraps and it had me gripped.

It would have been nice to have a battle for the lead but the rest was so good I didn't miss it.

i gave it a 7 as im same as most, i feared the worst when vettel retired & bottas was an idiot going for gap that was always going to close. it basically gave rosberg the victory. but the midfield battle 5th below was amazing & i really enjoyed the race just as much as the australian gp
I gave it an 8, always good to see Kimi up on the podium, just a shame there wasn't enough to chase down Rosberg.

If the reports that Ferrari is running a more conservative engine mode until an update is available are true then that bodes well for their pace overall.
The bad/smokey starts for Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel ruined the race for me, at least the race for the win. To be honest a few years ago I might have quite enjoyed this race but 2015 left F1 needing to do a hell of a lot to get me excited about it again. The final runs in qualifying were great (despite the system) but a bit of squabbling for the lower points positions in the race isn't enough to get me out of my seat, especially when a lot of it is straight-forward passes helped by DRS/different tyre strategies rather than prolonged battles.

I'm giving it possibly a slightly harsh 5. There is potential for this season to get interesting, though.
I gave it a 7. That's the race. Nothing for Saturday. Actually I tell a lie. The last pole run was exciting. But the sooner normal qualifying is resumed the better.
High points for me were performances from the youngsters. Verstappen, Wehrlein and Vandoorne. They all did so well and put on some good moves. Loved it.
GRosjean and Haas, I'm loving that. Bit of a fairy story. Hope it keeps up.
I thought Lewis had had it when Bottas hit him, but he made it to third which was a good save, and he doesn't seem unduly concerned about things.
I thought this was supposed to be F1 with the best drivers in the world. What I saw a lot of the time was a clown car race.
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