You don't remove the turbulence, you slice through it like a Volkswagen ARVW! :D

Look no further than the new Indy Cars for an attempt to combat turbulent wake from the leading car.

That will provoke some puzzled head scratching.LOL

Seems perfectly feasible to me - wherever one force predominates, another counteracts - or something like that ( I was never very good at science, except biology and botany).

Jen's law of F1 turbulence :)
As the resident pedant, I can't help thinking that the aim of an aerodynamicist would probably be not so much to remove turbulence as to prevent it occurring in the first place. As for the idea of slicing through it, I think that's just whistling in the wind.
My comment about head scratching was in relation to the ARVW.
Anyone know what that was.
, I think that's just whistling in the wind.

Ah, but you always hear it if you're standing in the right place. Maybe these guys just need to realign themselves for the true effect. Trouble with scientists, they can have tunnel vision :(
If we go on long enough, maybe we'll give the Mods something to do this afternoon.

Here's a good shot of the rear.

ARVW \'1980 (4)asda.jpg
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