Artemis I


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Impressive, but it seems a bit old school in the thinking.

Only the crew pod is reusable; the rocket, boosters, etc. are single use.



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The thing is, getting the.main body of the rocket back would probably not be worth the cost and effort.

Part of the design is based on the shuttles external tank and these were never reused anyway.

Going by the stages used on the Saturn V rocket, the third stage S4B section which did the bulk of the work getting the crew capsule to the moon and into lunar orbit, this bit was then fired off into deep space and I'd imagine something similar on Artemis.

Basically reusing most of these parts is not a realistic option


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I can't help thinking what great scientific probes NASA could have come up with for the price of the Artemis program. Sending people back to the moon seems like a feel-good idea only. Much more science could be gained at much lower cost with unmanned probes.
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