Gaming Anyone want to trade some Xbox 360 games?


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I can't be bothered with eBay/selling them so if anyone's interested in a trade, this is what I have:

Crackdown 2
Fallout New Vegas
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Mass Effect
Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box (bundle copy)
Pure (bundle copy)
Lego Batman (bundle copy)
Trivial Pursuit (bundle copy)
Viva Pinata (bundle copy)
Xbox Live Arcade
Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged
You've given up on skyrim? Some good games there, unfortunately I'm not an xbox owner though!
I "finished" it last night.
I just did the main storyline, left everything else and took the disc out - I got bored a long time ago.
Unfortunately all the titles on that list that I would want I already have and have finished and would offer to you in trade :(
Second hand prices are rubbish from places like Game.

I'd prefer to just trade them with someone else looking for a change.

I once took a shit load of PS2 games to game or it may have been blockbusters, and was offered 360 odd quid for them and I thought great and then the girl added in vouchers, I said how much in cash? she said 150 quid....
I think it may have been blockbusters because it was a mixture of games and DVD's, as I was clearing out the stuff I'd bought for myself and my daughter over the years, actually one of the films they refused to take as they said they couldn't confirm it was genuine, the thing is I bought it from them in the first place..:dunno:
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