Another Odd story: Villeneuve wants F1 drive!


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In a week where Bernie Eccelstone proclaimed himself Hitlers No1 fan. Villeneuve as now come out and said he is in love with F1 again want to come back from the wilderness to Drive in F1 again.

Well where hell did that come from!

The man who left BMW sauber in slightly acrimonious circumstances in 2006 after seemingly starting to find form then being outpaced by friday 3rd driver Kubica has said that F1 is 'he human aspect is counting again, as it did in the past'

Could he really be a serious contender for a 2010 drive, Normally I would of said No but with 3 new teams on the horizon a big name driver weather he still has the talent or not, must give them a reputation boost and perhaps financial benefits too.

So is a serious attempt Villeneuve to get a 2010 drive a PR stunt to massage his ego and remind everyone I used to be an F1 driver once you know?
Would anybody take him seriously and could he still cut the mustard at the highest level?
i thought this was already pretty well known. jacques has been saying this for a while but not many seem to take him serious so far. i myself wouldn't mind.
How old is JV now, 38?

I doubt he would achieve much to be honest.
Even active F1 drivers retire around that age (David Coulthard).

History has shown that more often than not, drivers who take a sabbatical and come back to F1, don't do very well.
How close is Canada to the US? I'd be a lovely bit of publicity for Jacques to drive for USF1, and I believe they will carry car #27 next year as well...
You never know, they may bring him back for one race to get the maximum publicity, especially if they are designated No. 27.
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