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I suppose we should count ourselves fortunate that the matter and antimatter hasn't all collided and wiped everything out.
This is one of the problems which has not, to my knowledge, been resolved. As far as I remember it is theoretically possible for particles to come into existence but it must be one matter and one antimatter which are dependent on each other, so if one pops off so does the other. But I think that be fiddling around with quantum theory it may be possible for one or the other to break this rule but very infrequently. The beautiful thing about quantum theory is that it allows near infinitesimal size particles to disobey the laws of the universe. I must get my books out to check on this as I am working from a not entirely perfect memory.
It seems to me they give something a name first (supersymmetric matter) and then go out and try to find something that fits the bill. how does that work in the real world? It would be like someone coming up with the name elephant before anyone had seen an elephant and then saying "I told you they were real"
But if an elephant left foot prints in in the mud where there were also branches and leaves pulled off the trees and enormous turds on the ground it could be expected that there were large animals in existence. So it would be a matter of going out to find them.
Well it's just like that Mephistopheles.
In theoretical physics at least, you invent the unseeable and the unknowable, and spend the rest of your life proving they are both real. If you cover enough blackboards in equations that very few understand you can persuade enough people you may be on to something, throw in some real physics, and hey ho, you get lentil soup!!
....and if you eat garlic it keeps the vampires away. How do you know? Because there are no vampires here.

Theoretical physics.
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