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Fresh from winning the A1GP title, according to ITV Teletext, Adam Carroll has been approached by two formula one teams with regards to a drive in 2010.

Now for the speculative part. Who would those two teams be ??

There will be so many options for driver changes at the end of the season it's almost impossible to predict who will end up where.I think the only team you could rule out is Ferrari.

Unless I'm mistaken (which I usually am) I think this is the first time we've seen a driver move from A1 to F1. There have been plenty of drivers go the other way (Ralf Firman and Narain Karthakynan to name two). It will be interesting to see how he gets on.
Well, I think we can safely rule out Ferrari. I don't think McLaren are searching for rookie drivers either (although it paid off last time) and I reckon BMW are probably going to stick with Heidfeld/Kubica.

Its no secret that Renault are reveiwing the Piquet situation, although Roman Grosjean is looking favourite for that seat. Will they need to replace Alonso? If so, Renault could do with a driver!

Toyota will only have an empty seat if Jarno Trulli retires to produce more wine so I'm not sure about that. Red Bull tend to pluck from their own driver programmes, although there may be a Bourdais-sized seat available at STR. Williams is an interesting possibility, Rosberg might want to try his hand at a bigger team, and Sir Frank can only put up with Kamikaze Kazuki for so long!

Force India will surely ditch Fisi next year, but you wonder if Liuzzi or even Karthikeyan will be lined up for that seat. Barrichello is likely to retire from Brawn, (and Button might if he wins the WDC) so a seat will probably be available, although Bruno Senna's name is being painted on the designs...

As for the new cars there'll be ample opportunity for a seat there, (and Carroll will hope EJ bids and wins) but we'll never know (until 2010!)

I think the likeliest seats will be at Williams or FI!
Didn't Piquet Jr used to drive in A1? He went through GP2 to get to F1 though so this would be the first "direct transfer" from A1 to F1 if it happens.
I think Adam Carrolls Performance has been the biggest suprise so far outside of F1. In Terms of a carrer in F1 it was dead in the water a year ago. So who could it be that wants Carroll, You have to look at who stand to lose the least by taking what is still a big risk on Carroll, This immideatly rules out Ferrari and McLaren, Potential New Teamd are going to want somebody with F1 experience perhaps the Klien's paffetts, and luizzi's who have had f1 experience and been in the car has test drivers. If Force India are going to make changes it is likey it is going to be somebody with a McLaren/Merc connetion. Torro Rosso are going to want RedBull Sponsered Drivers so thats unlikey BMW is unlikey and are appently looking for a big name Alonso??, so I think it leaves three options on who it could be.

Williams: nakajima has not been in great form at Williams being outclassed by Rosberg
Renault: Briotore may be intrested but is likey to go for somebody under Briotore guidence and Grojsean is already tipped for the seat
Brawn: Connetions with the team under previous guises BAR, and Honda and an ageing, ?slightly disspointing? Barrichello, but again Senna is more likey and is going to provide more sponsership oppertunites then Carrol I think
force india have already signed liuzzi apparently. so that option might as well be gone. i think williams could be the best option.
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