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When we were in Thailand we stopped at one hotel where the youngish attractive receptionist told Mrs B that I was the sort of husband she would like to have.

Mrs B did not tell me that until after we got home.


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this is probally a point that has gone before, but it happened this afternoon & annoying me last few days why do vast majority of motorist take no notice of the speed limits. I was driving down a dual carriageway (ridgeway road/hollinsend if you know sheffield) doing 40mph in 40mph zone. ive got cars up my backside, zooming past me, chopping me up while overtaking me & im made to feel to be in the wrong. yet im the only one it feels abiding by the speed limits. its ridiculous & im not breaking the law to appease them

then majority of these idiots will starting crying about speeding fines or having to spend the day at speed awareness courses


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It's always worse when the sun comes out.

Personally I slow down on a hot day.
Windows down.
Tunes up.

I'm lucky, I live and work in rural Herefordshire, most of the time. So the lanes smell fresh in the summer until they start spreading the chicken shit.


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For the second time in two months, my sister has been rushed to Emergency from the long-term nursing/rehab center because the idiots let her blood chemistry get out of whack!!! They claim that they check it twice a week! If they do, HOW can she get critically deficient in a mere 2-3 days????

I REALLY have to question their credibility.

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Elsewhere I have documented a saga involving fridges and fridge freezers.

I worked for Siemens in the UK for several years, unfortunately eleven and a half months before retirement I was outsourced to a bandit company. During my time with Siemens we and our family bought a number of household goods through the "Family and Friends" system that they ran. Even after retirement I was able to buy although they changed the system, outsourcing it. The prices went up and delivery was a joke.

So when we had a problem we went to John Lewis where we met a rep from Bosch who told us that the "Friends and Family" had been restored in it's glory. So I went on line and used my Siemens pensioner account to find out how to join. I can't because I don't have an employee number. Now Siemens are proud of their pension system so why this stupid rule? I am quite annoyed about this, it seems so niggardly. It worked before so why remove it?

Anyone friendly with the head of Siemens UK?


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Under EU rules the UK are not allowed to invest in our own services but there is nothing to stop us buying up those in other countries. Ironic really.

Of course, when (if) we leave the EU the UK government will find other excuses not to take greater ownership of our own services.

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They didn't FB. What has happened is that lately the Conservatives have been coming up with so much rubbish that even handed reporting shows them up as boobies.
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