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We have less than two centuries of accurate meteorological records and over four millennia of civilisation.

I get really annoyed that we buy into Darwinism but don't believe that the human species can adapt and evolve.

The world will change and we will change with it... Along with everything else.

Maybe this should be in the Ranty thread :)

The HUGE difference is that evolution occurs over centuries and millenia,whereas we are facing mass extinctions of millions of species in mere decades.


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So the new tonight has been very excited about Ford closing down it's plant in Bridgend. A very sad day for all the 1,700 people who will lose their jobs and the BBC, rightly, gave 5 minutes to it on their 6 o'clock radio news show on R4. However, just after this sad news they took 20 seconds to let listeners know that 1,200 jobs are being created by Wren kitchens Barton-upon-Humber.

Why didn't this good news deserve a similar level of coverage? North Lincolnshire and the Humber region is not quite as big an unemployment black spot as South Wales but with British Steel closing down just down the road in Scunthorpe shouldn't we celebrate a British company expanding in the UK?

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I understand where you are coming from FB but I do think that a high tech company which supplies engines to factories in a number of countries is likely to do more for the country than one which is basically UK only as far as I can see.

The company has had BBC exposure before in more than one meaning of the term but we can still wish them well.

Wren Kitchens - Wikipedia

In October, 2017, the firm featured on the television show Rip Off Britain


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Wimbledon tennis mens' final
Cricket World Cup final
Silverstone Grand Prix

Yep, they're all on Sun 14th July. Just... No. Seriously. No.


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It's fair to say that Cricket has absolutely managed to destroy itself in the UK when the Women's Football World Cup in France is getting better coverage, record audience figures and more interest than England hosting the Cricket World Cup at the same time. Well done the ICC and the ECB for all those PPV deals.

The Woman's World Cup has been great entertainment so far.


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