Poll 3D - Fad or Future ?

3D tv Fad or the Future

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In its current format, fad for me.
I already wear glasses so don't want to have to wear another huge bulky pair on top of them.

Besides which, nothing yet matches the Pioneer Kuro TV in terms of quality so I'll stick with what I've got.
I have no 3D - one long sighted eye and one short sighted - so totally lost on me.

Having said that, I think it's a fad.
It's the next big thing but only until the next big thing comes out. 3D holographic projections like in Star Trek is the future.
I think it's a fad but will attract enough buyers to make it just worthwhile for the makers to carry on for the moment at least, just.

It's a bit like DAB radio, not much better or more highly specced than FM with RDS and consumes vastly more power to run, but makers and broadcasters like the BBC will keep on pushing it and bigging it up despite the fact that it's been available for 20-odd tyears and still hasn't taken off.
I see 3D TV in the same way.
I think you'll find a massive take up in DAB radios once the FM spectrum is turned off.

As fir 3D - fad, my mate I get the sky F1 off has a 3d TV and it's alright but nowt spectacular
I just don't like the idea of having to put on a pair of 3d glasses whilst sitting in your living room.

Even the glasses-less Nintendo 3Ds is rubbish, you have to be a certain distance and angle from the thing and if you move the picture goes wonky and you get a head ache.

The occasional film in the cinema where appropriate (avatar…..nope thats the only one I can think off) thats fair enough, I just don't see it getting any more popular than it currently is, even in 10 years time.
Technologys that catch on in Film and TV are technologies that aid the storytelling. 3D actually influences the storytelling but doesn't aid it.

For it to be a success all TV programmes and Films would have to have things jumping out at you off the screen and this is why it won't take off because what is the point in watching things like The English Patient, Downton Abbey or QI in 3D? none at all. So unless your a technology buff or a big action film fan you just won't bother investing in it.
Fad. It makes films darker and harder to watch and shock of shocks, this new wonder vision to make our viewing experience so much better also costs us more.
My brother has a 3D TV and at Christmas a lot of the family were at his place but he only has two pairs of glasses and at 80 odd quid a pop he wasn't going to buy another ten pairs, he let us all have a go at seeing the 3D affect (Totally wasted on me.) and when it came to my mums turn she kept saying it was just blurry so I looked at what she was doing and she had taken off her own glasses used for short sightedness and put on the 3D glasses and couldn't understand why everything was blurry, bless her.....LOL
Speshal - yes. maybe, but that means that the only way to sell overpriced and power-gobbling DAB in any volume worth the name is to eliminate all free-market competition and give it a monopoly position.
It'll sell only because there's no alternative product, not because it's any good or what people want - by not buying many of them in the last 20 years people have shown that they don't want it or need it.
And how many of those few "sales" were only because it was pre-fitted in new cars? Again, where the consumer had no choice.

If you eliminate all ordinary cars then people will have to buy Rolls-Royces even though they don't want or need anything with that spec or at that price.

The same hypothesis is the only thing that will drive the uptake of 3D TVs.
The same hypothesis is the only thing that will drive the uptake of 3D TVs.

Pretty much every film until 2008 was made in 2D, I don't think that will mean that 3D tv will become immensely more popular, however the switching off of the FM band to open up those frequencies for 4G will have an impact on the sales of DAB radios.
I don't think they will be ready for this year probably because the manufactures have invested a lot of money in 3D and want to recoup that (Just like 4G but you can't buy a 4G phone yet.) but it will come so I will stick to what I have until then.

In essence 3D is a none starter.....
3D is going to take a long while to get into many households. I can't cope without my DAB in the car and the kitchen, audio quality is excellent and the range of programming is ideal for me.
TV in 3D holds no benefit that I can see, Prometheus was ace in it but that was iMax and I may go and see a movie every now and again I wouldn't buy a telly for it.
It can only really get better, although I think the biggest market for 3D should be in gaming. The technology will evolve, anyone remember this?


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