Grand Prix 2023 Saudi Arabia GP 2023 Practice, Qualifying & Race discussion


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very unlucky for logan sergeant. his 1st run that wouldve got him 12th in Q1. deleted because your not allowed even 1 tyre on pink tarmac that separates pit lane & circuit

spun on 2nd go & then mucked up 1st corner of final go & ends up last



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Perez on Pole , is it the car though🤔
a good chunk yes. perez was basically saying he never had a 2nd lap & so he got it with his banker but the car is that good. i wouldve said at least verstappen had a 1.27.7 in that. this reminds me of ferrari 2002 when there was such a chasm between 1 car & the rest of the grid

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on the verstappen sweepstake. im going to say lap 28 he will take the lead
I think this all depends on whether there's a safety car...

  • Safety car at the start won't help.
  • Safety car after 4-5 laps will help a lot - say that Verstappen has made it up to 5th by then (not impossible), then it will allow him to close up.
Without a safety car, unless Perez is compromised by the team, I think that Perez will win.
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