2021 Concept Cars


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I love the simplified wings. The improved halo is better than nothing, but I really had hoped they would try and go to a canopy. Love the big rims. Looks good.

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I do enjoy the insights into realism in the mind of ever wise FB in a way it brings my own optimistic reality into check. Acting as it were as a Base line, a low point of how bad can life and indeed F1 can get.

You level me and remind me that sometimes things really can get worse. LOL
I like the look of the concept cars. Hopefully they have the desired effect and we can do away with DRS!

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Interesting to see that the concept cars were in the liveries of the top 3 teams who threaten to quit F1 if the new concorde agreement was not in their favour

So it looks like they might stay then
Well Renault sure won;t mind supplying engines as well as Honda - yes Red Bull are gone but why not make Toro Rosso you're defacto team

I still think whilst they don't want to be in F1 both Merc and Ferrari would still supply engines to F1 teams for the exposure .

Then you other manufacturers like Porsche who want to get into F1 but feel that Merceds and Ferrari are not allowing fair competition
Given the damage to their rep already I doubt Honda will stick around if it doesn't work out with Red Bull or that Torro Rosso will be around if Red Bull withdraw.

Also there is always talk of other engine manufacturers coming in but given how difficult F1 makes that for them and the cost it never happens. Again Honda is a good lesson as to why they don't.
Well the FIA endorse both FE and Formula One but at the moment Todt aint going to do anything unless someone challenges his position which no one is

So really he is under no real pressure
I was watching guy martin classic F1 show with the 1983 Williams & made me want to relook at the 2021 rules, the ideas look espically the 2019 regs where ross brawn is hoping that "they will lose only 20% of performance when following another car, compared to 50% at the moment, making it easier to race & overtake". because I wondering if they had included ground effect, because it would solved a few of the problems we have now because I know F2 had some in their cars & than brundle has mention on many occasions because if your getting some downforce from your ground effect not the wings from the car infront, you can get closer
Ground effect would solve problems but then would create others. You have seal the edges of the car to make the GF work, if the seal fails say half way through a corner the car would lose all grip and end up in a large mess against the barrier. It has to be about mechanical grip rather than aero grip if we want cars to be able to follow one another but then if we try and turn the clock back to the cars of the 60's what is the point of F1, we might just as well watch the classic F1 series and not bother with new cars.
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