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Austrian GP

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9 - for me it has to be a 9 im struggling off the top of my head to think of a season opening GP i enjoyed as much as that. thinking 2009 or that 1 when 8 finished (2007 or 2008?) but its a real stretch without research

also it the almost impossible it managed to top last yrs Austrian GP. which was the CTA 2nd highest rated race in 2019
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On any other day it would have been a simple Mercedes 1-2 but thanks to a bizarre penalty for Hamilton, Red Bull reporting everything to the stewards and a healthy dollop of 1980s reliability it was a race that had plenty of "ooh, ooh" factor.

I've gone for 7. Entertaining but a bit bizarre.
7 - it was entertaining but if it wasn't for a few accidents and some hard set curbs it's quite clear those Mercs are a country mile ahead of the rest of the field. I'm afraid I'm expecting races where they lap everyone up to at least 4th place.
7. It was an exciting race with a more than usual amount of retirements and the odd safety car made for closer racing.
But I have to agree with RasputinLives that the pace of the Mercedes, with the engines turned down and on the hard tyres was still the class of the field.
8 from me. Bless the useless mechanics at Alfa Romeo for making it exciting at the end. What a shame George Russell couldn't hold on for a point.
Last year Mercedes finished up with slightly dodgy engines, it may be even worse this year together with their gearboxes. If their engines keep on pooping off so much the better, the first Honda engine pooped off very early as well.

Vettel drove just like Vettel, Hamilton didn't slow done sufficiently at the yellow flags and so finished up with a three place penalty, had he slowed it could have put him down much further down the grid; this seems unfair to me. Not slowing down at yellows is a safety feature and should be rewarded with a bigger penalty.

Well done to Lando Norris for putting in an absolute flier on the last lap to take an impossible podium, faster than Hamilton who was going all out.

There were hard luck stories everywhere but then that was traditional for motor racing.
Bill Boddy yes but unfortunately even turned down and in safe mode the Merc engine still powers a car that is around a second a lap clear of its closest rivals.
8 from me, it kept me focused and it left me satisfied.
I watched C4 highlights package so don't know what it would've scored from a Sky broadcast.
If I had his phone number I would - although to be honest if we were text buddies I'd just get him to come tell you that one lap is one lap and race pace is race pace.
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