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How did you rate the 2019 Russian Grand Prix out of Ten?

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6: Good strategic race. Not much on track action....but a lot of political intrigue, drama and team orders confusion. Certainly made it entertaining. If F1 can't be good it should at least be entertaining. Today was entertaining.
many things. we had politics of the start & the discussion of that. leclerc comes in. now what? vettel undercutted. the anticipation of a 3 way battle. vettel goes & leclerc badgering bottas

for Russia it was good & we had far worse
I gave it a 0 because I listened to the first 3rd of the race on the radio and didn't see the remaining parts.

So my 0 stands for "didn't really watch it"
Would it make me a bad person if I vote it a 10 for Ferrari ****ing up again and Vettel's DNF?

Couldn't happen to a more deserving team and driver.
Wishing somebody bad luck and when it happens deriving pleasure of it by an adult seems terribly off norm in my book, to say at least. This is not normal behavior (but could explain some scenes we are witnessing in political world).
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