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Not my cup of cake
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So what did you think? As we don't offer zero as an option I will give it 1. Utter crap
Bad race. 3 points. Watching Ferrari flap about with their drivers’ positions was fairly grim, as was Mercedes’ dominance. Red Bulls not fast enough to make any real impact. Also denied any sport between the Renault drivers with the Hulk’s DNF. Rubbish.
I think to be fair Mercedes have done a professional job and what were people expecting from Ferrar's spaghetti culture? All this is making Vettel lose any credibility he has regardless of the result at the end of the season ... not that Ferrari care because they have their scapegoat planned now
Maybe we need to introduce fan boost in F1 so Ferrari can't stop screwing LeClerc because the fans have decided which driver they want to see do well
2. 1 point was for Hamilton winning and the other 1 point was for Ferrari having a meltdown in the 3rd race of the season.The rest of it was pretty rubbish to be honest.
I've just seen a combined Mercedes / Ferrari proposal for the new car post 2021. It apparently gets around the troublesome issue of what to do with your second driver in the team.

Just think ladies and gents. That was supposed to be a celebration of 1000 formula 1 GP's.

Oh, I've just watched the highlights, I quite enjoyed it. Ferarri seem to be backing the wrong driver, I didn't have an an opinion on Charles before this season, but he is impressing me more, race by race.

Great race by Albon.

Sack Kubica, sentimentality be damned, he just not good enough these days.
3 - that was a dreadful race only gave it 3 because of the midfield action & that verstappen lunge . result never in doubt & nearest challengers living up to their reputation of destroying their from the inside
2. When the driving winning the race is so bored he is asking for details on what the others clowns are doing you know it's bad. Half expected Lewis to come on the radio and say "hey guys could someone scroll through my twitter feed and read the best bits over the radio for me? My password is I live Jenson - all one word all lower case"
5. It actually was interesting....certainly magnified by watching Ferrari screw over Leclerc. I found the practices and qualifying more interesting than the race, because of what it foretold about the rest of the season, but still, because it was early in the season, this was still an interesting race. But.....these Mercedes 1-2 are going to get old in a while.
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