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Abu Dhabi GP out of 10

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Champion Elect
haven't seen it yet with work & jack whitehall tonight wont see it til tomorrow morning. ive no idea how great or expectly terrible it is but i thought id get it up. for everyone else


World Champion
Premium Contributor
Well I got some online shopping done during the race, so I suppose it was worth a 1 just for that. A pointless race.
No championships to be won, no one trying out new things for next year, the same drivers in the same places that they are usually in, driving round the track in a lack lustre fashion, waiting for the pay check for turning up. Pathetic.


Race Winner
I gave it a 2, Bottas did well to get to 4th from last but it was a pretty dull race and I am not sorry this season is over.


Champion Elect
yeah im going 3, was as terrible as I expected we had few brief interesting moments Verstappen & Leclerc + the midfield but lewis Hamilton was the class of field today


Podium Finisher
I gave it a 5. The race between the two McLarens, the two Renaults and the Perez was interesting. In the end Perez beat them all, and it is hard to argue that he had the better car.
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