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I still like sleazy old Flavio. Here are his remarks at a current interview:

Jul.16 (GMM) Flavio Briatore thinks Mercedes is still the favourite for the 2018 world championship.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel has taken an 8 point lead in the drivers' standings, but former Renault boss Briatore thinks there is more to it than that.

"Ferrari only gained the upper hand because Mercedes was unlucky for two races," he told Radio Capital.

"Ferrari has a chance to win, but only if Lewis Hamilton makes mistakes," he added.

The flamboyant Italian also thinks Hamilton has the upper hand for another reason.

"Hamilton is just stronger than Vettel," said Briatore. "Sebastian has to fight a lot harder to keep his car under control. Lewis has found his rhythm in his car so that makes it easier for him."

As for what Ferrari needs to do next, Briatore has some advice.

"They should take Kimi out of the cockpit and give it to Leclerc. Otherwise they'll never win the constructors' trophy again. They have to take that risk," he said.
I find myself agreeing with most of this, although I am not sure about the "Hamilton is stronger than Vettel" comment.
We didn't do a pre-season predictions page this year therefore for once in many a year I am 100% correct.

Mark the day :D
I think Vettel would have won at Silverstone even if Hamilton hadn't had his collision. Whether that's the case or not, Ferrari were close enough, on what was a very Mercedes circuit historically, to suggest they have the upper hand at the moment. Brackley need to go to the box of tricks asap.

So no, I don't rate Flavio as an analyst.
As long as Vettel does not have Max Verstappen alongside him, he won't be as rattled. I would say Ferrari have been fortunate they still lead the championship I would say given they had the faster car in most of the races they ought to have been leading the championship more comfortably.

Silverstone was a turn up for the books, I still believe James Allison has a critical role to play to unlocking and making Mercedes more consistent in the remaining races this season because that is what happened last year and in doing so pushed Ferrari into making critical errors towards the end of the season.

The pirelli tyres and Red Bull will both have a say in the matter, Ferrari's big problem is if Kimi is nowhere near Vettel he has not got a rear gunner to occupy potentially 4 other fast cars which has been happening until the last two races it has to be said
I can't stand Flav, but his comment about Leclerc is one I agree with, saying that, since all this talk about Leclerc came up Kimi has driven better. Shame he couldn't do that before his seat was under threat.
I think everyone can see that how suddenly Kimi's place is under threat he has driven a lot better but it is at the same time infuriating that someone else could have done a better job than him but Ferrari did not want to take the punt on someone
So no, I don't rate Flavio as an analyst.

Well, don't under-rate him. He did win four championships, with two different drivers and nominally two different teams. That is more than most have ever done. He came in from completely out of F1 with no relevant background, and got results. Hard to argue with results. I find that he is still worth listening too, although I would not buy a used car from him.
Hmmm Flav;s credentials 1994 Benetton had a program called Launch control which they did not want steward to look into, they tampered with fuel rigs which nearly burned Verstappen alive and then managed to get a reprieve that apparently they were allowed to remove the safety filter only to come up with that another team was allowed to do the same, That other team was Liger which was also owned by Flavio:whistle:

Then Schumacher does the dirty on Hill and still declared world champion despite knowing full well he had a damaged car

I won't mention crashgate
Understand that Flavio's ethics are sub-standard...and they have been throughout his career in many different businesses. But, that still does not change the fact that he is a good manager (as measured by results) and his opinions are worth listening too.

Just because you dislike someone does not mean that everything he says is nonsense.
Ruslan Flavio has been accused of placing drivers from his stable into the Renault team for many years - that is because he takes 25% of the drivers salary which is what he sneakily wanted Button to do if he wanted to stay at Renault and earn a pay rise

Flavio says he knows how to pick the top drivers well Schumacher by chance Jordan really got mugged not realising that a contract is not valid if Schumacher did not sign it even though his management did

Alonso - he did not join Ferrari because he knew he would be in Schumacher's shadow and rejected their offer which Todt vowed never to sign him for Ferrari. That was more Alonso being shrewd enough to see his career path being blocked if he stayed at Ferrari

Pretty much every other driver has not great things to say about Flavio except Webber. One went even as far as saying he knows absolutely ":censored: about F1

Flavio has a history of destroying drivers careers; Herbert, Trulli, Fisichella, Piquet jnr obviously and even Grosjean's career took two years to recover so he is just as bad as Helmut in that area

He is also a dodgy tax evader and does not how to run a football club ... he fired I think 4 managers in one season at QPR which was ridiculous

Yeah he somehow knocked up Heidi Klum and then was not interested being a " Dad" to the kid
It's the look of Flav that gets to me most, he thinks he's 'all that' when he's far from it! But then I look at him differently to you guys most likely.
The way I heard it Il_leone was that Todt would not buy out Alonso's contract, telling Alonso to just walk away. Alonso refused, one view was that he did not want to be thought of as unreliable.
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