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I thought it was an interesting race without being too exciting. We had the obvious bonus of cars out of position and multiple strategies that kept the interest up.

An absolute disaster of a race for Red Bull which enabled the mid field to press up higher and Gasly really capitalised.

I came away thinking it may have been a different story in the last couple of laps had the other Merc been on Vettel's case.

That said, listening to the Merc pit and Hamilton waffle on about strategies and Hamilton telling the world he wasn't sure what he was supposed to be doing almost made me put my foot through the telly.

Here it is made easy "TRY AND WIN THE ****ING RACE BY GOING AS FAST AS YOU CAN !!!"

Oh, and with Ericsson grabbing a couple of points, Williams looks to be really, really in deep doo doo.

Overall, I've gone for a 6.

Today was better 1st 20 laps & final 7 were entertaining winner always in doubt. in between was back to normal but thats a good average i hope we get more Bahrain in Shanghai than melbourne
5. That may seem harsh but was there anything interesting? Some might say the different strategies, but nah.
On track action, nah, not much of it.

I’m not lowering my standards just to give it a good rating.
I think a 7 for these reasons....

-Cars were overtaking
-Differing tyre stragies changing through the race
-Lewis’ triple overtake in one straight.
-Max and Lewis driving through the field. (Okay, Max didn’t last long)
- Gasly ( and he’s so cute)
- Magnessun , Haas is up there, and I was happy for the mechanics to get the pit stops right. I think Ferrari had their wheel gun. :whistle:
- Ferrari’s and Mercs seemingly similar on pace
- Close at the end

I think that’s it. :)

Hope that Ferrari mechanic is ok.
Lots of overtaking on a real track. Lewis passed 3 cars in 1 corner. Gasly got 4th. Real battle for the lead in the closing laps. Flying mechanics. Double Red Bull DNF on the same lap which helped elevate the midfield for a change. It was good.

8. Was an enthralling race with different strategies which made for a tense finish to the race.
Other highlights for me was Hamilton overtaking 3 cars going into turn 1. Torro Rosso with a Honda engine in it finishing 4th. Last but not least Marcus Ericsson bagging a few points for Sauber.
7, it was an interesting race but not exciting. It also had an oddity where at one time there were cars with 3 differing types of tyre but running at just about the same lap times.

Looking at the qualifying times it seems that despite of the deserved success of Gasly Honda was still decidedly the slowest engine.
7 from me - not super exciting until the very end but a great race for Ferrari and Toro Rosso and suggests we might have a decent championship battle. Either that or Vettel's going to win every race this season...
Torro Rosso obviously have the best chassis on the grid then.

Not necessarily but they may have got by with a little help from their friends. By the end of the season Red Bull need to have made a decision about which engine to use so to have a chassis around the same capability but a Honda engine would be extremely helpful in making that decision.
So Red Bull are better at building a chassis than Mclaren then? If they were helping out then they've obviously unlocked something in a few months Mclaren couldn't do in 3 years.

Doesn't bode well for the straight fight on Renault engines this year for Mclaren does it.
Which is a surprise as the installation of the Honda engine in the TR was, if I recall correctly, a compromise as the designers didn't have time to do a full integration. I can imagine the team in MK are working like mad on their 2019 car with a Honda motor pushing it along.

Oh, and Red Bull have always made better chassis than McLaren.
..... Or Honda have made a significant improvement - as they did throughout the season last year. For some reason no one wants to give them credit for it.

The car is slow = must be Honda
The car gets a good result = must be the chassis/Alonso
As Renault proved over the years... It's not a drag race. If you have usuable power through the range you can afford to lose some top speed. I'm not saying Honda are there yet; but they're on their way.
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