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Brilliant race multiple changes for the lead. Action all the way through. Max was just brilliant just brilliant.


feck sake max penalty. thats not right. 8.
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Awesome race. Great to seethe max move at the end. However it turns out he finished fourth because of track limit penalty.

Lewis is unbelievable delivering that result without the best Car on the grid.
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8 from me. I was shouting at the screen quite a lot. Some really good fights down the field, it is a pity that no one down there can get closer to the front.
I was expecting it to be all over by lap 3 but Vettel managed to put that off until lap 7 then we waited until lap 49 for it to get going again so a middling 5.
A solid 5, as it was only exciting at the end.

A crap pre-race 'show', a standard which mainly Americans think is acceptable and entertaining. It was rather pathetic and cringe-worthy and I hope F1 doesn't drop to this level of dullness.

The race a snooze fest for 45 laps and even in those other 11 laps not much happened.

Rules are rules and Max crossed the line, the decision doesn't impact my vote negatively.
A dominant and well managed drive by Lewis for the race win today

Many enjoyable passes during the race from Lewis, Sebastian, Carlos, Daniel, and others with a special mention going to Max......Give it a 10.
Enjoyed that one. Slightly dissapointed I was 10 mins late to the party so had to watch slightly behind and couldn't join you guys in chat.

Hamilton was supreme. I think Vettel did the best he could in the car he had. Sainz and Ocon shined like diamonds in the midfield. Kimi, Massa and Kvyat all found some form from somewhere. Max battled through the field. Just a shame Danny Ric wasn't running to be in the mix too because I reckon we'd have had an even bigger scrap for podium. The way he was going on the undercut I reckon he'd have been sitting 2nd on the road when it all kicked off.

Shame about the penalty for Verstappen. I think saying "I hope the fans protest and don't come to the race next year" is a bit biting the hand that feeds you though.

I thought It was good but not excellent and by no means scintillating. A generous 7 courtesy of Max's late pit stop and charge.
Quite a reasonable amount of interest. The producer actually managed to show some of the fights down the field, especially those between Force India and Sainz; I think Hulkenberg may well have to race harder in future.

I missed the razzmatazz, I only switch on just before a race to avoid all the uneducated crap that the TV people push out. However I did think that there was absolutely no reason to show a totally disinterested Bill Clinton.
Great race ruined at the end by stewards. Verstappen is doin what fans want to see, racing hard and overtaking. That was the best finish to a race for some time. Anyway, it’s happened so I won’t dwell on it, i just hope they sort it and get some consistancy amongst stewards and stop punishing racing.
Lewis was superb, the difference emerging between him and Bottas is becoming stark..he undoubtably has a great car at his disposal, but not always the best car, he’s making the difference.

My requirement to give a ten is a tense fight for the win. Well we had that but for the third step of the podium rather than the win. And we we had a peerless performance at the front. But I’m afraid because of the max decision it cannily be a 9
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