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First time in many, many years when 2 Canadian drivers are together on track driving a F1 car. Last time was when Gilles and Jacques (Sr) were together for the 1981 Canadian GP ?


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Over 100 laps now for Kubica.

Standings at 13:47

1) Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 1m17.124s
2) Lando Norris (McLaren) + 0.770s
3) Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) +1.113s
4) Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso) +1.726s
5) Lucas Auer (Force India) +2.118s
6) George Russell (Mercedes) +2.375s
7) Robert Kubica (Renault) +2.557s
8) Pierre Gasly (Red Bull) +3.213s
9) Luca Ghiotto (Williams) +3.290s
10) Santino Ferrucci (Haas) +3.908s
11) Danill Kvyat (Toro Rosso) +4.744s
12) Nobuharu Matsushita (Sauber) +6.009s


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Palmer 1.18.4 in Q2


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Track conditions, tyre conditions and type fuel loads etc.

Experience would suggest that it is not always ditectly compatable.


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Norris' time is 0.2s faster than Alonso's in Q3. When you're running all day, you have a better chance of being on track during the right temperature/air density combination, plus there is probably more rubber on the racing line.


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Well most importantly the tyres were definitely different seeing as though Robert set his fastesrt times on the ultra-softs, which weren't used during the GP weekend, nor were they used by any other driver in action today.

But the fact remains he'd never driven a 2017 car before so it was still an impressive day by him, irrespective of track conditions or tyres used. Going after the last few tenths however is gonna be a different kettle of fish so we can only hope he does get the opportunity to have a go at it at some point in the future...
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