2017 Malaysian Grand Prix out of 10

2017 Malaysian Grand Prix out of 10

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It was different, I didn't really get excited about Vettel's drive as I don't think there was much about it that was exceptional. Nice to see Stroll and Vandoorne perform well vs their team mates. Palmer's just a wage drain for Renault.


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A middling 5. It would have been interesting to see what might have happened if both Ferraris hadn’t broken. Then there was Vettels strangeness over his steering wheel. Some good mid field racing, and a win for the birthday boy, were positives though.


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8 - i really enjoyed 1st half of the grand prix alot happening & potentially until the softs. it seemed to equalise. it wouldve been a 7 but franz tost on the pitwall just after ocon sainz crash arguing with crofty & brundle was tv gold. (not word for word)
Tost - ocon is an idiot, he always crash.
Brundle - ive seen the replay & looks like ocon gave plenty of room
Tost - Rubbish, where was he supposed to go

as i say absoultely comedy gold


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8 from me. Although the problems at Ferrari messed up the result it gave us a more interesting race.


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7 - promised a lot but once Kimi did not start and Verstappen took the lead there was not much else to get excited about. Vettel's charge was good but his tyres ran out

I thought Alonso not letting Vettel past was amusing and expected. The rain would have made an interesting race but never came


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Only watched the second half of the race so can't really rate it. Pleased to see Max win and laughed at Vettel wiping his car out on the slowing down lap. Didn't look a classic.


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7 from me. Ferrari at the back helped. Makes you wonder what a race would be like if Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen all had to start from the back of the grid.


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Excellent race, gave it an 8. Held my attention from start to finish which is very rare. Max winning, Vettel coming through, what more does one, I mean I, want? The fact that the championship is NOT dead is huge, regardless of where Ferrari started. Before the race I thought it was as good as over, with Hammy running away with reliability and luck, but I failed to factor in performance. Whatever has happened to Mercedes' performance turned this race into something very significant indeed.
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